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Archive for December 2017

“Do As I Say…”

When James Altucher doesn’t follow his own advice… Plus: Penny pot stocks soar this week ahead of a “lucrative” 2018 Read More

Bitcoin’s Million-dollar Question

Alan Knuckman’s take on bitcoin futures as a long-term investment Read More

The End of Bitcoin (Has Been Postponed)

Uhhh… Doesn’t Friday’s crypto freakout look foolish now? Plus: Five year-end tax tips (for some, it’s your last chance ever) Read More

Bitcoin Tumbles, Stocks Float, Gold Jumps

Mama (and the crypto millionaire) said there’d be days like these. Meanwhile on the stock market, “The bears have all gone home.” And: Gold jumps with the latest inflation numbers Read More

Rickards’ 2018 Gold Outlook

Two years ago: A spookily accurate gold forecast in The 5. Now: “Good things come in threes” Read More

How to Practice Safe Crypto

Imagine if hackers took 25% of your bitcoin: Three steps you must take to protect your crypto holdings Read More


More of the same? Why 2018’s stock market could look like 2017’s. Plus: How “dispersion” and “correlation” point to a late-year profit opportunity Read More

Tax Reform: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The tax bill and the marriage penalty, for better and worse. Plus: The “chained CPI” scam sets up millions for a tax increase Read More

The Bitcoin Lifeline

“A matter of survival” — how bitcoin is literally helping save a life. Plus, cryptocurrency as a last resort in a dying economy
Read More

Financial Renegade Plots His Next Big Move

He cashed in big on the housing bubble: Now he’s eyeing crypto. Plus, another outlandish bitcoin forecast: $361k Read More