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Archive for July 2018

How to Act Like “Smart Money”

Zach Scheidt says the “smart money” stays in the market even when retail investors flee. How can you rein in emotions and stay the course? Dividend stocks help… Read More

Storm Alert: Another Unforgettable Week!

We’re quite certain that seven weeks from now, you won’t remember a thing about the “news” Bloomberg insists is of earth-shaking importance this week. Read More

The Strange History of the Moon and the Markets

During 2015, blood moons prompted widespread predictions of market panic. “Blood Moon Market Meltdown This Weekend?” blared one website on April 3 of that year. The panic really got cranked up with the next blood moon the following September… and the concern extended way beyond the markets. Read More

Bankers’ “Overstuffed” Pension Funds

Nilus Mattive makes a case for how you can benefit from bankers’ pension funds. Corporate tax cuts and easing bank regulations make it all possible. Read More

Don’t Put a Penny In the Markets Until You Answer This Question

Really, until you answer the question “Are you an investor or a trader?” you shouldn’t put a penny into the markets Read More

The Biggest Winner From the Trade Wars

The Shanghai Stock index has dropped 15% since the start of the trade wars. Alan Knuckman says resolution is imminent and when it happens, stocks will soar. Read More

Quagmire War or Dollar Demise

Because the mainstream won’t, we’ll entertain two potential scenarios today — a hot war with Iran, and “crippling” economic sanctions against Iran. Spoiler alert: Neither scenario ends well for Washington. Read More

You Are Not Free

While the market sorts out the latest presidential pronouncements, we’re going to spend most of today exploring some random items that crossed our desk this week. They’re all related somehow to business or finance or commerce… and they all come under a category we’ll call “You Are Not Free.” Read More

Tax Cuts Fuel Stock Buyback Frenzy

Apple’s unprecedented buyback of shares follows a trend in Corporate America, Mike Burnick says, fueled by tax cuts and signaling bullish thing to come for the market. Read More

$1 Trillion of “Dry Powder”

Zach Scheidt follows over $1 trillion that private equity funds have to invest. “This acts as a virtual backstop for the market,” Zach says. Read More