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Archive for December 2018

Abuse of Power

Instead, something much worse happened: Petit sicced the FBI on Cohodes with the connivance of a U.S. senator. Read More

As The Markets Churn

“I see much more upside than downside for stocks in 2019,” says Alan Knuckman. And he shares three convincing reasons you should stay in the markets next year. Read More

The Biggest Threat to the Markets in 2019

The biggest threat to markets in 2019 comes from the debt racked up by Corporate America in the decade since the 2008 crisis. Read More

Downside Target: Dow 20,000

Dow 20,000 is the level that would dissuade the Fed from raising interest rates again next March. Read More

Why Time’s Not on Your Side

Zach Scheidt takes on a topic we’ve never covered at The 5: the time value of money.
Read More

Trade Wars, Dollar Ditching and Cellphone Taxes

The stakes remain high, says Jim Rickards: “If Canada extradites Meng to the U.S., she will almost certainly face a trial on criminal charges unless a plea deal can be worked out. Read More

Season’s Greetings

Trading expert Tim Sykes shows how the stock market is affected by predictable patterns or “seasons”… and how you can benefit. Read More

How Harvard Business School Wrecked the World

The link between Sheryl Sandberg, Harvard Business School, and a corrupt amoral culture in both business and government Read More

No American CEO Would Dare Talk About This

Imagine you’re a C-suite executive of an American multinational with a presence in China: Wouldn’t you at least think twice before the next time you fly over there to check out your company’s Chinese operations? Read More

The Biggest Stock Indicator There Is

While earnings reports tend to gloss over a company’s dirty little secrets, Tim Sykes says this SEC filing reveals all… and might be an investor’s best weapon. Read More