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Archive for March 2019

Have You Had Your Alpha Waves Today?

Science might be about to uncover a cause-and-effect link between sunspots and human conflict — wars, uprisings, revolutions and so on. Read More

Are Apple’s Best Days Over?

Apple’s pivot to subscription services “will mark a stark transition from Apple’s core business model,” says Zach Read More

The Fix Is In (Lyft)

“When it comes to IPO investing, Main Street investors are ALWAYS at a disadvantage,” says Zach Scheidt
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A Long and Boring Financial Crisis

The pound sterling “is set for a fall that will persist well beyond the date of Brexit itself,” says Jim Rickards — no matter what that date might be.
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Mueller vs. the Economy

Relief over Mueller report versus anxiety over “global economic concerns”
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A Fatal Retirement Mistake

“The bill under consideration dangles cash benefits in front of new parents,” Beau tells us. “But taking that money sets American workers up for problems down the road.”
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A Netflix Heretic Speaks

“Wall Street’s biggest bear on the streaming giant” Netflix Feed me: the “content machine” needs cash… … Is Apple Netflix’s ATM? Fed tries something not done since WWII Lyft gets a Nasdaq ticker (guess) A real bum deal — more… Read More

Apple’s Reckless Gambit

Can Apple compete with Netflix? Or could it just acquire Netflix? Read More

Gold at the Turning Point

“Gold has built a monster base since… 2015,” says Agora Financial analyst Greg Guenthner. He called gold’s bear market — now is he calling gold’s bull market? Read More

Boeing: Yes, It Can Get Worse

While BA’s sell-off appears fully justified, the market reaction looks all out of whack when it comes to the major U.S. airlines.
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