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Archive for October 2020

Stress-Testing the U.S. Constitution

“Even Americans prepared for some type of dispute may not realize just how complicated and bitter those disputes can be,” Jim Rickards reports. Read More

The Problem With Polls

Jim Rickards zeros in on some of the problems with polls… that pollsters still haven’t solved. Read More

The Next Gold Rally (Three Catalysts)

“Three leading individual factors point to a rally in gold,” Jim Rickards says, “between now and the end of the year.” Read More


Italy led the way with the European COVID outbreak. Now with a fresh upsurge in cases, it’s leading the way with the next-wave lockdowns… and civil unrest. Read More

Rookie Mistakes (Options)

Veteran trader Alan Knuckman says: “[The] distinction between ‘in the money’ and ‘out of the money’ is important because it’s where most options traders go wrong.” Read More

White Lies

“I’ve been misleading you,” says Zach Scheidt. Here’s the most accurate way to calculate the income your stocks are generating… Read More

Ugly Nexus

The 5’s compelled to visit our periodic theme of media malpractice — especially the elitist nature of corporate media here in the 21st century. Read More

Media, Misconduct, Money

Exposed? Media elites and other connected insiders might be colluding with finance types on lucrative trades in the markets. Read More

Fire Sale

“Private equity companies are sitting on more than $2 trillion,” says Zach Scheidt. Here’s how these lucrative companies “make money in both good times and bad.” Read More

Debt Death Spiral

“There’s no legal impediment to even higher debt levels,” says Jim Rickards, “if Congress wishes.” But there’s no good way out… Read More