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Archive for December 2020

“Panda Huggers”

We see where all this is going now: In the same way Democrats pushed Donald Trump to amp up tensions with Russia, Republicans will push Joe Biden to amp up tensions with China. Read More

Bitcoin Challenges the Dow

“So what’s next up for Bitcoin?” asks our resident futurist Bob Williams. “Parity with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which I believe could easily happen by Valentine’s Day.” Read More

What’s Really Bugging Elon Musk

We rarely devote space in this e-letter to the showboating tendencies of America’s most publicity-minded CEOs. Rarely does that sort of, shall we say, corporate exhibitionism serve up a useful investing insight. But we’re making an exception this morning for Tesla founder Elon Musk Read More

Big Brother (COVID)

Two COVID-19 vaccines in two weeks have power trippers speculating how the rank and file will prove they’ve been vaccinated… or not. Read More

Stolen Master Keys

James Altucher puts less emphasis on the whodunit angle… and more on how the so-called SUNBURST attack was done. Read More

“Virtual Invasion”

Large swaths of the federal government’s computer systems have been hacked, but anonymous deep-state actors have a perp in mind… Read More

Palace Intrigue (Gold)

Analyst Ronan Manly says: “Mass turnover [of] CFOs in a company is a potential warning sign that all may not be as it should be.” So what’s behind GLD’s revolving door? Read More

Cause and Effect

An instance of media malpractice leads us to question if there’s some level of cause and effect going on here… Read More

Bitcoin vs. Gold

We give the floor to managing editor Robert Williams who says: “Boiled down to its very essence, the debate between Bitcoin and gold is simple.” Read More

After the Purge

The Dow begins a new week soaring to record heights — except we should put a big fat asterisk next to that sentence. Read More