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Archive for September 2021

The Rules of Retirement Have Changed (Again)

It appears the already-passed House bill kills off both the “backdoor Roth IRA” and the “mega-backdoor Roth IRA.” Read More

Why the Tantrum?

OK, so maybe it was a bit premature to say there would be no “taper tantrum.” Read More

“Insourcing”: Key to U.S. Automaker’s Success

Ford Motor Co. intends to open two new U.S. assembly plants… for the first time in decades. Read More

This Issue Is So “Meta”

“The metaverse is an idea that we’re working on right now,” says our science and technology authority Ray Blanco. “So what is the metaverse?” Read More

Porky Powell

Fed chair Powell spoke after the Fed issued its every-six-weeks “policy statement”… and told his fair share of “porkies.” Read More

A “Supercharged” Interstate Highway System

“One of the biggest hurdles to electric vehicle (EV) adoption,” Ray Blanco says, “is charging infrastructure.” Read More

30 Million American Men Opt out of “Real” Jobs

Thirty million working-age American men are not participating in the traditional workforce. Will the Treasury Department push them further underground? Read More

Another 2008

So today’s the day that the implosion of China’s Evergrande starts mattering to U.S. markets… Or not? Read More

The Stock Market’s Slow Leak

“No one can tell you what the pin was in 1929,” says Jeremy Grantham regarding financial crises. “It’s more like air leaking out of a balloon” Read More

Irresistible Impulse

The bull market that started 18 months ago might not be nearing an end. But we’re overdue for a nasty spill — maybe something like the summer of 1998. Read More