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Archive for October 2018

Beyond Statin Drugs [Urgent Profit Potential]

Some outspoken statin skeptics claim you can ditch the pills if you change your diet; of course, the mainstream medical community disagrees. Regardless, a new treatment for heart disease would be welcome. Read More

Phooey on The American Dream

While the middle class in America is dying, Robert Kiyosaki believes in an alternative to the American Dream. Read More

Here It Comes (2018 Pot Legalization)

Neither of the factors that doomed the Ohio and Arizona legalization measures is in play this year. Read More

A Backdoor Entry to the IPO of the Decade

James Altucher is more than just Agora’s crypto guy. As a former angel investor, he’s got a strategy to invest in one of the biggest growth stories of the decade — before it’s publicly traded. Read More

Making Sense of a Nonsensical Market

Once again we hasten to point out that numbers like these don’t mean “the top is in” for either the economy or the markets. Read More

The Race to Crack a $129 Billion Industry

Ray Blanco’s been following the story of a small biotech that’s about to disrupt the multibillion-dollar statin industry. Read More

Turning Back the Clock on Netflix

The problem is there’s no systematic way to identify those companies before they start making those epic moves… so you can be positioned to capture maximum gains. Read More

What Do Happy Meals and Your FICO Score Have In Common?

From costlier Happy Meals, to slowing corporate revenues, to magically improving FICO scores… The 5 sees signs the boom in the economy and the markets is getting long in the tooth. Read More

The Day China Kicked out Apple and GM

In a worst-case scorched-earth trade war, Beijing could go full-on Communist again — just up and nationalize the Apple and GM factories in China. Read More

Want a “Major League” Trade by Monday?

Tim Sykes reveals how to search out major-league opportunities in the penny stock market, including how to find the best broker. Read More