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Archive for February 2019

Where Dividends Go To Die

Mike Burnick tackles the question:
“Are dividend-paying stocks headed for trouble?” Read More

Going Nuclear (NOT a Figure of Speech)

If this conflict went nuclear, there’s no telling what the impact on the economy and the markets… or your day-to-day existence… might turn out to be. Read More

The Worst Thing You Can Do With Your Tax Refund

“When you get tax money back,” Robert Kiyosaki says, “it’s likely you’ll spend it right away on liabilities like a vacation or a new car.” Here are three things you should do with your tax refund instead…

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A Momentous Week!! (Yawn)

But this morning we feel compelled to take on some of the topics Bloomberg rattled off… in an attempt to avoid the media noise and dig up the real news… Read More

Easy “A” on Options

Zach Scheidt on adding options to your investing arsenal Exhibit A: one goofball’s options trading gaffe Breaking down how stock options really work Feds want bullet train bucks back from Cali Two biotechs overcoming Alzheimer’s confirmation bias Making lemonade out… Read More

Energy Stocks Energized

“Once left for dead, energy stocks are back with a vengeance in 2019,” says our Zach Scheidt.

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“So far in 2019, the smaller the stock, the bigger the return,” says our wealth and income specialist Zach Scheidt — a trend he expects will continue into 2019. Read More

The Hits Keep Coming (Tax Season Surprises)

It’s incumbent on you to at least attempt to get a handle on your potential tax liability during the year, even if you don’t have a fancy return with scads of deductions and credits. Read More

Wait Till You See How the IRS Screwed Up

The way the law was written, the benefits of the tax cut just weren’t tangible or visible to large numbers of working Americans. Read More

When CEOs Lie

Read why Zach Scheidt says: “Corporate executives have been sandbagging.”

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