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Archive for July 2020

How Trump Still Wins

“There is some highly persuasive scientific research on polling that says Trump will win,” says Jim Rickards Read More

Must-See Gold Chart

In our yield-starved economy, gold’s turning the heads of professional investors. Read More

Confiscation (Gold and Roth IRAs)

“There’s a way to sell your gold and silver, take profits and not pay a dime in taxes,” says our founding editor Addison Wiggin. Read More

“A Blowup Event” (Gold)

By most measures, the dollar is having its worst month in nearly a decade. Gold, meanwhile, is now in record territory… Read More

Satellite Crash

AT&T issued a mishmash of second-quarter earnings last week… signaling the demise of satellite TV. Is another satellite technology waiting in the wings? Read More

It Begins (Tax Increases)

Way back in 2011 we anticipated how a funding crisis in the federal government would cascade down to the state and local levels. Well, we’re here now. Read More

Grow or Die

With five Big Tech stocks dominating the S&P 500, Zach Scheidt asks: “Are there still opportunities left?” Read More

Where There’s Smoke…

The confrontation between Washington and Beijing is quickly reaching the danger zone — not that you’d know it by reading U.S. corporate media. Read More

Gold: The Anti-Bubble Asset

If you want to protect your wealth from pandemic pandemonium, the best course of action? Search out anti-bubbles… Read More

Boycott, Shmoycott

Facebook’s top advertiser during the first half of 2020 just bailed. Funny thing? The boycott has barely put a dent in Facebook’s share price. Read More