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Archive for March 2021

Past Its Expiration Date (Infrastructure)

“Over the course of American history, building infrastructure has had a powerful economic impact,” says Nomi Prins. Read More

AOC Abandons Socialism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) quickly became the face of a leftist faction in the House known as the democratic socialists. That was then, this is now… Read More

Gray Monday

The events at hedge fund Archegos Capital Management might not be a “black swan,” but in pockets of the market, there’s an awful lot of gray out there today… Read More

Sit Tight

On the art of “being right and sitting tight”… as attributed to the legendary trader Jesse Livermore. Read More

Three Questions (Personal)

Imagine you were in the market in the summer of 1998 — when the Dow tumbled 18.2%. Now we have three questions for you… Read More

Investing Legend Goes Silent

Does “Big Short” investor Michael Burry know something about the stock market that federal regulators don’t want us to know? Read More


Even though “Forecast” is in our name, we’d be remiss this morning to overlook a watershed event in the history of financial markets… Read More

Financial Reset (or Bust)

A prestige media Op-Ed suggests a financial “reset” and a “debt jubilee”… but just how long until the system breaks? Read More

Shroom Boom

“I’m saying this now,” Ray Blanco says, “I believe I’ve uncovered the next stock trend that will hit the markets…” Read More

Is It 2010 Again?

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