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Archive for August 2021

Tesla’s Confidential Project (Why Texas?)

Ray Blanco on Tesla’s undercover story “This disruptive energy storage boom… … “is just getting started” Should Robinhood worry? What TSA data reveals about air travel Readers on our Assange issue: One of The 5’s “best ever”… “Do not free Assange,” a… Read More

Keep What’s Yours

“Even if you bought Bitcoin, you may not actually own it — at least not if you used several of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges out there today,” says Jonas Elmerraji, a veteran of our research team who’s devoting much of his energy these days to crypto. Read More

“Lost” Inflation Survival Manual, Rediscovered

The usual guidance to fight a rising cost of living is to buy precious metals. Which the late John Pugsley thought was a fine idea… but he preferred to attack the problem at the source. Read More

Not Since 1985…

An FCC decision in 1985 unleashed $9 trillion in wealth. And a 2020 FCC decision is now unleashing a new $15 trillion tsunami. Read More

The 5 Turned Upside-Down

We’re departing from the norm for today’s 5. Ordinarily we save our mailbag section for the end of our daily missives. Today we’re turning the issue upside-down in the interest of transparency. Read More

Wild Divergences

There’s any number of factors that could knock down the market a peg or three — a Powell blunder, another nasty surprise in the economic numbers or just the U.S. market tumbling in sympathy with Asian markets. Read More

“Waiting for the Last Dance”

“Bubbles are unbelievably easy to see; it’s knowing when the bust will come that is trickier,” says investing legend Jeremy Grantham. Read More

Taper Tantrum 2.0

The Fed can’t keep mainlining heroin to Wall Street indefinitely… Welcome to Taper Tantrum 2.0. Read More

Inflation Is Forever

“Transitory” inflation? “That’s not how inflation works,” says our retirement specialist Zach Scheidt. Read More

“Swanson’s Law”

“Very soon, in large part because of renewable energy, we will be producing more energy than we can use,” says Ray Blanco on the science-and-wealth beat. Read More