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Archive for April 2019

Invasion From Canada!

Ray Blanco says: “The Canopy/Acreage deal has some very interesting implications for the whole industry.” What’s it mean for federal legalization?… Read More

Record Highs — Now What?

When stocks get another jolt upward… from what are now record-high levels… that kind of buying has a way of feeding on itself. Read More

Lucrative Supply-Demand Secret

“In terms of float,” says our microcap expert Tim Sykes, “low can be the way to go when it comes to trading penny stocks.” Read More

Broken Promises: Roth IRAs and HSAs

The next promise Washington is set to break is the one about the “stretch IRA” strategy to create a prosperous future for your heirs. Read More

The White House’s Imaginary Energy Prices (Not Yours)

Then again, you can offset those rising fuel prices with a well-chosen investment or two in the energy sector. Read More

Racing to the “Flipping” Phone

Used to be the flip phone was an embarrassing relic. Today? Smartphone heavy hitters are in a race to “foldable” phone technology. Read More

An Insanely Profitable Mistake (Netflix)

One of the more famous — and prescient — predictions anyone ever made on CNBC was when a hedge fund manager named Whitney Tilson labeled Netflix a buy in 2012. Read More

The Land Grab of 2019 (Time to Act)

Buyout authority Zach Scheidt asks a rhetorical question: “How would you like to wake up to a 3,351% overnight profit?” Read More

The Catalyst For a “Melt-Up”

“Corporate America has announced more than $1 trillion of buybacks for 2019,” says Mike Burnick. Read More

How Wall Street Rigs IPO Shares (Sneaky)

Our income expert Zach Scheidt — from his years as a hedge fund manager — has come to expect dubious deals from Wall Street. Here’s how to spot IPO shenanigans… and how to profit. Read More