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Archive for August 2019

EU Squares off With FAANG

“One very interesting byproduct to the trade wars,” says ex-investment banker Nomi Prins, “is that other nations are actively seeking ways to bulk up their economic futures without relying as much on the U.S.” Read More

Don’t Miss the Trees for the Forest

Zach Scheidt says: “To profit off 5G, most investors are focused on big telecom companies”… but “the 5G boom is really fueled by small suppliers.” Read More

$1 Trillion Transportation Revolution

After his time at Detroit’s Autonomous Vehicles 2019, Ray Blanco says: “AV means a host of actionable opportunities for us looking to invest in this space.” Read More

Gold $3,000

“Recession fears are spreading,” says Robert Kiyosaki. “Meanwhile, gold has risen nearly 20% since the moment last December when Trump warned: ‘I am a Tariff Man.’” Read More

Breakfast in Silicon Valley (and AI)

America’s #1 futurist George Gilder discusses the limitation of AI and the role new technology plays in job creation. Read More

The Fed’s Frankenstein Monster

It’s not just one speech a year. Nowadays, finance pros analyze every belch and wheeze that emanates from every Fed official — desperately seeking clues to future Fed policy. Read More

Deathbed Confession (Precious Metals)

It is no longer tinfoil to speak up about “gold manipulation.” Read More

A Shockingly Cynical Gambit

Supposedly Beijing has massed troops on the Hong Kong border, ready to sweep in and crush the uprising. Could that really be what Washington wants? Read More

Cannabis Acid Test

A mashup of marijuana industry news: Canopy Growth’s dismal earnings report and the DEA gets sued for stonewalling cannabis researchers. Read More

The Biggest Threat To the Economy Right Now

“When you add it all up,” says Nomi Prins, “total corporate debt is about $15.5 trillion, or nearly 75% of GDP.” Read More