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Archive for April 2022

Elon’s Gambit

Jimmy Soni, author of The Founders, zooms in on “a young Elon Musk from the moment he arrives in North America.” And one of his first gambits… Read More

Ukraine: Crypto Catalyst

For most of us in the developed world, Bitcoin is still a curiosity. In other parts of the globe, it’s increasingly a necessity. Read More

Two Crypto Barriers (2022)

“In the case of crypto in 2022,” says James Altucher, “I need to see two things.” Read More

The End of the Internet as We Know It

The meltdown of the Establishment is well and truly underway now that Twitter’s board has accepted Musk’s offer to take TWTR private for $44 billion. Read More

The Fed Foils Wall Street

The consensus among Wall Street economists is the fed funds rate won’t even get to 2% before the Fed changes course… In other words, Wall Street is in for a rude shock. Read More

In Praise of (Some) Regulation

How much does the consumer really benefit from Big Tech’s “free” services when the actual cost of those services is surrendering any pretense of personal privacy? Read More

“Network Swarming” (The New Digital Warfare)

“We have this network dictating and bounding our politics,” says author John Robb. “Our traditional form of government is being hollowed out.” Read More

The Dollar’s Slow-Motion Downfall

At long last, the end of the dollar as we know it — as the globe’s reserve currency — is in sight. Now what? Read More

Circling the Wagons (Here Comes Elon)

We pick up where we left off with the meltdown among the chattering classes at the prospect of Elon Musk buying Twitter… Read More

Two Cheers for Elon Musk

This morning, it is no longer a mystery why Elon Musk backed away from joining Twitter’s board. Read More