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Archive for July 2022

The 15-Year Depression

“I’ve maintained that the United States has been living through a New Great Depression since 2007,” says our macro expert Jim Rickards. Read More

Brace for “Recession Shock”

And so it’s a recession… but as we said yesterday, don’t actually come out and call it a recession! Read More

“Don’t Call It a Recession!”

Every six weeks, the Federal Reserve takes another fateful step toward an epic market crash. Read More

A $100 Billion Bad Omen

For the first time in 12 years, China’s portfolio of U.S. government debt has collapsed below $1 trillion. Read More

The Calm Before the Market Storm

An earnings report last week that didn’t fit the mainstream’s complacent template — and it’s an ill omen indeed. Read More

Bear Market Finale? (Expect “More Pain”)

“It’s likely that there will be considerably more pain before this is finished,” says legendary investor Jeremy Grantham per the stock market this year. Read More

The Fed WANTS to Wreck Your Portfolio

Today, the S&P is up 8% from its June 16 lows. A fair chunk of that increase came in the last week. It’s tempting to think the worst is over. We urge you to think again. Read More

When Cash Is All You’ve Got

How exactly is a cashless society supposed to function when internet access goes down? Canada is a case in point… Read More

Gold Smashed. Now What?

“Are we having fun yet?” asks our macro maven Jim Rickards. “A gold investor might well ask: ‘What’s the point?’” Read More

Anatomy of a 700% Winning Trade

Once in a while, an exceptional trade does so much good for so many readers, it’s hard to ignore. Read More