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Archive for September 2018

“Musical Chairs in the Wild West”

So far this year, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has taken a ham-fisted approach to cryptos, on one hand saying he won’t even think about updating SEC rules to include cryptos. On the other hand he says some cryptos should be treated like securities. Read More

Upgrade Your Trading IQ

Tim Sykes outlines four ways to trade penny stocks for the best returns, and Jim Rickards says this might be “the last good entry point” for gold. Read More

Here It Comes: More Pain at the Pump

Two Agora Financial editors believe oil’s the commodity to watch as it gets caught in Trump’s pre-election Catch 22. Read More

Europe Moves Toward Ditching the Dollar

While everyone’s looking at the Trump-Iran U.N. sideshow, Europe and Iran are busy moving the chains toward ditching the dollar. Read More

“Playing With Fire” (New De-Dollarization Warning)

More on “de-dollarization”: U.S. sanctions promote a Chinese/Russian alliance that threatens the dollar’s global dominance. Read More

Weed Tweets and Ethics

Zach Scheidt talks about his views on ethics and investing, particularly when it comes to the nascent marijuana market. Read More

Investing Like a 6-Year-Old

Invest in the same brands Warren Buffett indulges in every day; consumer staples are selling at a discount — for now. Read More

Volatility Ahead (Embrace It!)

S&P 500 sectors have shifted before, but the buying and selling in advance of the changeover a week from tomorrow will be on an unprecedented scale.
Read More

The Next Phase of the Trade War (NO ONE Sees This Coming)

In a trade war, Trump asks for wartime sacrifice Coming soon: Trump labels American company un-American After Hurricane Florence, a counterintuitive buy Coke and cannabis? Could be the real thing Stupid marketing tricks: You won’t believe who this bra is… Read More

Corporate America Is In No Rush To “Come Home”

Trillions of dollars coming back home! (Never mind) You heard it here first: Corporate cash repatriation is overblown No one cares about new iPhones, but does that make Apple a sell? Weird knee-jerk reaction in pot stocks… … while cannabis… Read More