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Archive for February 2020

Lies My Media Told Me (The Virus and the Markets)

The amount of warp-speed noise, misinformation and disinformation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak and its market impact is… well, the dictionary fails us. Read More


The IRS is turning to artificial intelligence. But two can play that game! Read More

Viral Echoes of 2008

Yesterday’s coronavirus-inspired selling is worth revisiting… for a possible glimpse at where events go from here. Read More

“Very Much Under Control”

“People ask me all the time when they’ll know the market’s getting ready to roll over,” says trading vet Alan Knuckman. “The answer isn’t terribly complicated.” (Not today.) Read More

The P Word

Stocks are selling off hard — and not just because of the latest coronavirus headlines. Rather, it’s the fact that the outbreak looks, smells and feels like a pandemic… but the people who are supposed to have a handle on this stuff seem to be in denial. Read More

1929… 2000… 2020? (Uh-Oh)

Are stocks their most expensive since the bubble-bursting days of 1929 and 2000? And how high is the recession risk? Read More

Middle Class Tax Hike No One’s Talking About

“As millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet,” says former banker Nomi Prins, “the stock market continues to transfer wealth to the 1% who are in on the game.” Read More

Bernie Triggers Buyouts (What??)

As we move into 2020, our M&A specialist Zach Scheidt says: “The picture for buyout opportunities this year is starting to clear up.” Read More

Apple Spills a Huge Secret

The biggest U.S. company as measured by market cap just broke a conspiracy of silence. Read More

Fireproof Your Portfolio

Alan Knuckman on using “the leverage that options give you to profit from rising stocks, falling stocks, volatile stocks and even sideways stocks.” Read More