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Archive for June 2020

Beating Buffett (at His Own Game)

Warren Buffett’s empire is under siege in 2020… “but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be had,” says hedge fund veteran James Altucher. Read More

EVERYTHING Is Political Now

A large swath of corporate America is sitting out social media — with both economic and political implications — for enabling “hate speech” and “misinformation.” Read More

Creative Disorder (and Tech Breakthroughs)

“Entrepreneurship, technological creativity, is surprising,” says futurist George Gilder. “It’s disorder.” Read More

The Purge Is Coming

We return to the phenomenon of the woke left — that revived this June — and mysteriously isn’t clamoring for socialism and the redistribution of wealth. Read More

The End of the Internet

The biggest threat to the internet in 2020 comes from… Congress’ EARN IT Act. This week. Read More

Musk’s Impossible Deadline

“The FCC understands how much [high-speed internet] will change the world,” says Ray Blanco, “but also understands current telecom signal distribution has many limitations.” Read More

The Trump Tweet Timer

When it comes to the president’s missives aimed at specific companies, “imagine being in the crosshairs of a Trump tweet,” says Greg Guenthner. The fallout is actually unexpected… Read More

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Gold)

Private banks are finally recommending gold for their ultra-wealthy clients — something Jim Rickards has endorsed all along. Read More

Probability of Success

“Trade the trends” to maximize market reward Read More

Vaccination Acceleration

“Drug development is a grand challenge under normal conditions,” says our resident futurist George Gilder. And under coronavirus, it’s anything but normal. Read More