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Archive for August 2020


Just one problem: As was the case in 2011, your own experience with a rising cost of living has nothing to do with the eggheads’ precious statistics. Read More

Worthless Paper Money

Bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki says: “Modern money is simply an idea backed by the faith and trust of a government,” Robert says. Read More

Innovate or Die

“What’s next for the biggest tech stocks in the market?” asks buyout-deal expert Zach Scheidt. “Are there still opportunities left?” Read More

Red! (Not What You Think)

Former Wall Street banker Nomi Prins unpacks five reasons the price of copper has reached levels not seen in two years… and why copper will continue to rise. Read More

Splurging on Pandemic-Proof Retail

Zach Scheidt says: “Government payments made a big difference for retail companies who count on consumer spending.” But two retailers are practically pandemic-proof… Read More

Here It Comes: Climate Surcharges

“Climate surcharges” reinforce our thesis that air travel will be a luxury good in the post-pandemic era. Read More

Countdown to Constitutional Crisis

Hours away from Joe Biden’s acceptance of his party’s nomination, we take a deep dive into the ramblings of two former Army officers’ “Never Trump” tale. Read More

Zombies, Blackouts and Taxes

We pick up where James Altucher left off Tuesday — with the exodus not just from New York but from other struggling big cities. Read More

Worse Than 9/11

NYC always bounces back… right? “No. Not this time,” says James Altucher, inveterate resident and lover of all things Big Apple. Read More

Tanker Wars and Gold

When the “economic policeman of the planet” uses the dollar as a billy club… the planet seeks refuge in gold. Read More