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Archive for January 2021

Speculators Mob Silver

“Given silver’s recent outperformance (and the tailwinds provided by the price of gold),” Jim Rickards says, “here’s the prospect for silver in the months ahead…” Read More

Sparring With Janet Yellen

Former Wall Street banker Nomi Prins received a surprising invite to speak at a Fed meeting. “I hadn’t written very nice things about the Fed’s policies since the financial crisis.” Read More

China’s Soft Underbelly

“In the past six months, a major trade war has erupted between Australia and China,” says Jim Rickards, a trade war more vicious than the U.S.-China dispute. Read More

Black Box: 1929

Iconic investor Warren Buffett’s preferred market indicator is in the danger zone. Read More

Censorship 2021 Style

Our main topic today: the “alternative” social media platform Parler. But really, it’s about the nature of “private enterprise” in the 21st century. Read More

Stupidity Hedge

“The year 1971 was the start of the first global ‘money printing,’” says personal finance guru Robert Kiyosaki… ushering in unsupportable prosperity. Read More

Biden: Picking Winners and Losers

On this Inauguration Day, we make a subtle distinction: It’s important to pay attention to politics… but you can’t let your political biases drive your investing decisions. Read More

Golden Touch

This billionaire social media architect — and critic — has become one of the most interesting people in all of finance. Read More

Passing the Baton

Biotech experienced a monster run-up coming out of the 2007–09 financial crisis. But for the last five years, the sector went nowhere. Now? biotech is getting a booster shot… Read More

“Variants” vs. Vaccines

As the virus mutates to survive, questions arise about the efficacy of the three main vaccines that have already been approved. Read More