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Archive for April 2021

FinTech Meets Fine Art

“Financial technology (FinTech) — along with some good old-fashioned creativity — has opened an elite market to the masses,” says Zach Scheidt. Read More

Suburban Sticker Shock

“Even prior to COVID, moving to the suburbs seemed to make economic sense relative to higher city prices,” says former Wall Street banker Dr. Nomi Prins. Read More

American Entrepreneurship Is in Decline

As the number of American companies dwindles, George Gilder says: “Now [investors] have to find where the new value is really being generated.” Read More

Party Like It’s… 1996?

If the mainstream insists on beating this 1999 theme to death, we’ll insist on continuing to push back against it… Read More

Why Is Anyone Surprised?!

If the mainstream narrative is to be believed, the U.S. stock market indexes took a 1% spill Thursday… because most people on Wall Street are blithering idiots? Read More

A Different View on Climate Change

Oceanographer John Englander “has a unique approach to… climate change and its impact on the political environment,” says founding editor Addison Wiggin. Read More

How Rich Is “Rich”? (Biden and Taxes)

It’s not too early to suss out what’s on the table when it comes to taxes… Read More

Irrational Doge

The Dogecoin phenomenon has inspired more hand-wringing about a stock-market bubble, but we remind: Every bull market goes through three phases… Read More

Sigh of Relief (Gold)

Jim Rickards says: “The reason for [gold’s] skid since last summer is not hard to discern.” Read More

A “Fractured” Market

A hedge fund manager invokes an absurd example of stock market “frothiness.” We cite more cases of the same from the past five years… Read More