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Archive for June 2021

The Fundamentals of Gold

“The fundamental model,” says Jim Rickards, “is straightforward. It relies on gold’s supply and demand.” Read More

History Rhyming Now (Gold Bull Markets)

“For our technical model,” Jim says, “we turn to the two prior bull markets in gold and compare those to the performance of the current bull market.” Read More

$15K Gold: How We Get There

Jim Rickards says: “No central banker in the world wants a gold standard… What if they have no choice?” Read More

They’re Back (Currency Wars)

The currency wars are back… Really, they never completely went away. Read More

We’re All Conspiracy Theorists Again

With the “suicide” of software entrepreneur John McAfee in a Spanish prison, it’s as if the powers that be aren’t even trying to keep up appearances anymore. Read More


At the G7 summit, leaders came to terms on a worldwide minimum corporate income tax rate. “Expect this to become law in the next year or two,” says Jim Rickards. Read More

Rickards: The Truth About Inflation

What if inflation is in fact likely to retreat during the rest of 2021? Read More

China Baby Bust = U.S. Inflation

The Chinese Communist Party is desperately trying to stay ahead of a demographic time bomb. It will likely fail… and as the bomb detonates, it means accelerating inflation for you and me. Read More

Raging Elephants

Chuckle as we might at El Salvador’s Bitcoin gambit… if it winds up making any headway at all, President Nayib Bukele risks becoming the target of U.S. regime change. Read More

The Great “Decoupling”

Literally, this is the thinking in Washington nowadays: If China’s government is going to bigfoot the private sector and make top-down decisions about how to invest in research and development… then we need to do it too! And harder! Read More