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Archive for September 2022

What’s Keeping Gold Down?

“With inflation at 41-year highs, why isn’t the price of gold surging?” asks Jim Rickards. And he provides two reasons why… Read More

Edging Closer to World War III

As still more leaks are discovered in the Nord Stream pipelines, there’s still zero clarity about whodunit. But if it was an American job, there may be a precedent. Read More

First Hint of a 2008-Style Financial Crisis

We’re getting our “first whiff” of a 2008-style financial crisis, courtesy of the United Kingdom. Read More

Pipeline Sabotage: Who Did It and Who Benefits?

Sabotage: Ukraine accuses Russia of attacking Nord Stream pipelines. But who benefits? Read More

When Hackers Attack “Biden Bucks”

What if hackers got their hands on a central bank digital currency? Read More

“I Hope You’ll Take Good Care of Her”

We were looking for something — anything — that didn’t involve the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately… Read More

The Fed’s Destructive Feedback Loop

“The reality is that the Fed has boxed itself into a potentially destructive feedback loop,” says Paradigm’s analyst Dan Amoss. Read More

China Is on the “Superbubble”

“In China,” says legendary investor Jeremy Grantham, “too many things are going wrong at the same time.” Read More

Crash Protection

The truism “nobody rings a bell at the top” isn’t entirely true. Read More

FedEx’s Bad Omen (Amazon’s Too)

If this one company sneezes? The rest of the business world is bound to catch a cold sooner or later… So grab the Kleenex! Read More