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Archive for May 2021

An “Off-Limits” Asset, Now Accessible to Everyone

Ponder the unique appeal of fine art as an asset class. It’s a critical wealth preserver for the “old money” families of Europe. And we do mean old — 300 years or more. Read More

Cracking the Alzheimer’s Code

While the pandemic scrambled research into common killers of older adults… one group of scientists continued working toward an Alzheimer’s breakthrough. Read More

“Financial Engineering Genius”

“The construction of the Russian gold hedge is a work of financial engineering genius,” Jim Rickards says. “Win like a Russian.” Read More

Supply Squeeze = Opportunity

Cement demand is near-off-the-charts — not just in the United States, but globally. But the “reopening” can’t happen without it, according to Dr. Nomi Prins. Read More

“Lab Leak” Goes Mainstream

We observe a shifting narrative in the mainstream: It’s no longer heretical, tinfoil or racist to suggest the COVID-19 virus might have escaped from a Wuhan lab. Read More

Biden’s New Tax Goons

The Biden administration is dead-set on feathering the nests of the power elite… while dealing another crippling blow to small business. Read More

The “Post-internet” Industry Minting Billionaires

“[Marketers] can predict almost everything about you,” James says. “I know I am using more data. And more industries are using my data.” Read More

Pipeline Politics and Dollar Doom

The “economic policeman of the planet” has decided to go easy on Germany… Read More

“The Man” Behind the Mask, Revisited

In one of those occasional single-topic episodes of The 5, we discuss 14 months of control freaks and power grabs. Read More

Beyond Cannabis

Like cannabis, Ray Blanco says: “I believe that magic mushrooms are on a similar path.” Read More