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Archive for October 2021

Chinese Junk Won’t Float

Sales of new dollar-denominated Chinese junk bonds have virtually seized up… and it couldn’t come at a worse time. Read More

Panic Attack

If you’re a “typical” reader of The 5, research says you’re not as smart as you think. Or rather, we should say, as levelheaded. Read More

The Social Security Reform Act of 2023

This week, a handful of Democrats trotted out the newest model of their Social Security “reform” legislation. And it just might fly… Read More

Zuckerberg’s Exit Strategy

Facebook is falling out of favor with youth culture, and that’s the critical context for the company’s moves into the metaverse. Read More

The Pandemic’s New Phenomenon

The pandemic and lockdowns have brought on a new phenomenon — one we’ll call “reverse hedonics.” Read More

Facebook’s Metaverse Rebrand

Let Jack Dorsey mock… Ray Blanco counters the metaverse “can unleash a wave of innovation.” Read More

Quest for a Cure-All

“A new therapy that could address Humira’s shortcomings could one day become the next big blockbuster,” says Ray Blanco — examining the bestselling drug in history and a new drug that could one day muscle it aside Read More

Let Them Eat Treadmills!

Zach Scheidt observes the global supply-chain snarl “isn’t something that a mandate or some kind of regulation can fix.” Read More

An Historic Day for Crypto

It’s happening! The first-ever crypto ETF is trading on the NYSE… Read More

Advantage America

Our resident crypto evangelist James Altucher sees America pressing its advantage… Read More