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Archive for December 2021

Elites Brace for “Collapse”

There’s an old saying in markets about how “nobody rings a bell at the top.” It’s not entirely true. Read More

Maximum Security for Your Crypto

Our main topic today is a reader’s earnest and very practical crypto inquiry… Read More

Thanks for the Advice, but No Thanks

Our macro expert Jim Rickards warns: “Financial conditions in Turkey are unraveling quickly.” And he had a front-row seat… Read More

Omicron and “The New Normal”

“Expect more damage to the economy as resources are wasted in a vain attempt to achieve Zero COVID,” Jim Rickards says. Read More

Melania NFT (Why Not?)

We perked up when we learned several NFTs are priced in a coin our crypto investor James Altucher recommended to subscribers earlier this year. Read More

Inside Jerome Powell’s Head

Interesting: The Fed has turned hawkish, and Wall Street isn’t freaking out. Read More

Banned in Britain

A U.K. watchdog group recommends banning seven ads. The reason? In short? Crypto… Read More

BTC 90

Bitcoin has reached a milestone: 90% of all the Bitcoin that will ever exist has been mined. Read More

Crypto News, Fake and Real

No, India is not going all in on Bitcoin. But Florida is making an intriguing crypto foray. Read More

“Kill Switch” for Crypto

Iconoclast investor James Altucher understands something about crypto that politicians don’t: “Innovate or die.” Read More