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Archive for March 2022

Now It All Makes Sense (Russian Regime Change)

America’s top diplomat appears utterly uninterested in diplomacy… Now it all makes sense: The U.S. government needed this war. Read More

Escape From New York (Follow-Up)

“With the shift away from larger cities came a shift in where money is being spent,” says James Altucher. “This is interesting from an investment standpoint.” Read More

How the Pros Will Beat Inflation

“Crypto has properties that… make it a great anti-inflation investment,” says our crypto evangelist James Altucher. Now, guess which hedge fund is taking a stake in crypto? Read More

Tax the Rich (and Then Everyone Else)

The Biden administration is looking at a new kind of tax targeting billionaires — but one that sooner or later would ensnare the rest of us. Read More

“Increasing the Pain”

Even if the stock market as a whole keeps moving sideways the rest of the year, we tease out an asset class or two that stands to benefit from the energy crunch. Read More

Financial Warfare: Biden Fires a Blank

“We laid out the Russian financial warfare plan in 2009–2011,” says Jim Rickards. “They’re following the playbook like Tom Brady.” Read More

James Altucher Ditches Bitcoin

“First off, I love Bitcoin,” James says. “I love everything about it.” (As a reader of The 5 do you sense a “but” coming?) Read More

The Truth About Cyberattacks

Our advice a month ago about hitting the ATM, topping off the gas tank and charging all your devices? It goes double this morning. Read More

Russia and “Red Lines”

Alas, a swift end to the war in Ukraine is not in sight. Escalation seems more likely. Read More

Russians’ Last Safe Haven (Yours Too?)

“Crises vary by type and location,” Jim Rickards cautions, “but they all have one thing in common — those prepared in advance have the best chance of survival.” Read More