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Archive for August 2022

“The Shift Is Inevitable”

What the heck is “FedNow”? And is it a precursor to a central bank digital currency? Read More

“A Blunder From the Start”

“The U.S. sanctions were a blunder from the start,” Jim Rickards says. “Now the unforeseen consequences are emerging.” Read More

A Trial Run for “Biden Bucks”

After Canada last winter, it appears Pakistan is the next place to experiment with “financially canceling” people — but with a creepy digital twist. Read More

China Folds

More than 200 Chinese companies listed on U.S. exchanges just got a reprieve from the death penalty. Read More

Biden’s Bailout (Student Loan Forgiveness)

For more than a decade, we’ve lamented in these virtual pages how federal subsidies for higher education have fueled demand for higher education. Read More

Pity the Persecuted IRS

It’s come to this: The center-left establishment of the Democratic Party is trying to turn IRS agents — of all people — into martyrs…

Read More

The Fed Is Clueless

While the Fed has been holding out hope that too-little-too-late interest rate hikes would curb inflation, everyday Americans know it’s not working. Read More

Somebody Knew Something (9/11)

Of all the missed warnings before the Sept. 11 attacks, some of the most compelling — and to this day, least publicized — were the financial warnings. Read More

Bigger Than the Bestselling Drug in History

Ray Blanco has an important progress report on the battle against arthritis. Read More

Everything Changes on Sept. 15

“Ethereum is about to undergo a monumental transition,” says our crypto evangelist James Altucher. On Sept. 15… Read More